Welcome to the Geothermal Institute

As one of the premier geothermal research and training centres in the world, the Geothermal Institute has been providing research and development, testing and laboratory services, commercial and consultancy services, as well as education and training for the New Zealand and international geothermal industries, since 1978.

  • Our research

    Research is central to our activities. We apply our research directly to industrial consulting activities which leads to the development of many important innovations.

  • Our people

    Home to one of the largest geothermal research groups in the world. We are globally recognised for our research, teaching and consulting services in the geothermal field.

  • Courses & training

    We have been training industry professionals since 1978. With postgraduate study options and industry training options the Geothermal Institute continues to produce graduates who are making outstanding contributions to the geothermal industry.

  • Industry services

    The Geothermal Institute has 35 years experience in geothermal consulting services. Our staff are more than just researchers - they are experts in their field.