Geothermal Institute

Industry services

The University of Auckland’s Geothermal Institute is globally recognised for its research, teaching and consulting services in the geothermal field.  With our strong research base we can apply next-generation tools and techniques to the development and management of energy resources and assets.

Currently one of the largest geothermal research groups in the world, we work across multiple disciplines, at the cutting edge of geothermal innovations.  Our staff are more than researchers – they are experts in the field.  The Geothermal Institute has 35 years' experience in geothermal consulting services and has been teaching geothermal professionals from around the globe since we began in 1978. 

The Geothermal Institute has developed a broad suite of geothermal short-courses.  Ranging from two days to one week, they are designed to train professionals working in the geothermal industry.  The courses have been run both in New Zealand and in-house at overseas companies and universities. They can be customised to suit your training requirements.  

  • Areas of expertise

    There are four main research activities at the Geothermal Institute.

  • Our approach

    The Geothermal Institute is committed to developing and implementing the latest advances in geothermal science and engineering.

  • Our services

    The Geothermal Institute consults globally. We offer expertise in all areas of geothermal projects.

  • Case studies

    A collection of case studies highlighting the work that the Geothermal Institute is renowned for.

  • Short courses

    Our courses provide a practical learning experience, and bring a ‘real-world’ experience to your training.