Geothermal Institute

About us

The Geothermal Institute provides a wide array of geothermal research, technology, education, training and consultancy through expertise spread across a number of faculties, institutes and centres.

The Geothermal Institute is the University of Auckland’s geothermal hub, and is located in the Faculty of Engineering.

Established in 1978, we are home to the largest group of geothermal researchers in the world, offering specialised postgraduate study options for those looking to pursue a career in the geothermal industry.

Our consulting services have supported businesses around the world in planning, developing and managing geothermal projects.

New Zealand is a leader in many aspects of geothermal energy production. We are now the fourth largest producer of electricity from geothermal energy in the world.

Our goal at the institute is to continue to build geothermal capability in New Zealand and overseas through dedicated teaching, innovative research and cutting-edge professional services.

  • Overview

    New Zealand has an outstanding reputation for geothermal expertise around the world.

  • Our vision

    To support global growth of geothermal energy use through our expertise in education, research and consulting services.

  • History

    The Geothermal Institute established in 1978, is now one of the premier geothermal training centres in the world.

  • Contact us

    Our location and key people to contact for research, student and media enquiries.