Geothermal Institute

Our research

Since its inception research has remained central to the activities of the Geothermal Institute.

We are extremely proud of the impact we have made in the Geothermal industry. By applying our research directly to industrial consulting projects we have had the opportunity to develop many important innovations.

Recent highlights include the development of next generation geothermal modelling tools, above ground engineering optimisation and geoscientific methods for guiding exploration.

These new techniques have been developed and tested internationally, and we collaborate regularly with researchers and industry professionals in New Zealand and overseas. The number of overseas industrial projects and international research collaborations continues to increase.

  • Areas of expertise

    There are four main research activities at the Geothermal Institute.

  • Past research

    The Geothermal Institute is commited to innovation to sustainably understand, develop and manage geothermal energy resources and assets

  • Research partnerships

    The Geothermal Institute collaborates within the University of Auckland as well as industry and educational instituted within New Zealand and world-wide to build and expand geothermal capability and understanding globally